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What is American Constitutional law?

Constitutional law is America's bedrock. It covers almost every legal aspect in America ranging from criminal to real estate law. This is because constitutional law is exclusively based on the American Constitution.

The American Constitution, written in 1778, was a formal document for how America was to be structured. It described the purpose of the government and currently has 27 amendments, the first 10 of them famously called the Bill of Rights.

Constitutional law regulates governmental powers and rights such as the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom of religion.

A constitutional attorney works at the heart of America's legal system and specializes in the laws of the Constitution. Like all lawyers however, they still research their cases by investigating the facts, interviewing clients and gathering documents.

Some Controversy

Since the Constitution was written 242 years ago, some liberals argue that parts of the constitution are outdated and need revision, while conservatives like the Constitution the way it is.

Let's take the constitutional right to bear arms as an example. In the late 1700s, owning a gun made sense. Citizens could hunt for food, fend off Native Americans, and most importantly, they could fight back against a potential tyrannical government. Back then, no one could've predicted how advanced guns would become or how much they would plague the streets of America. Nowadays, the right to bear arms is a constitutional contention, with liberals and conservatives' partisan views clashing on the matter.



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