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The Law Insider Student Spotlight tab is a way to showcase students whom the editors believe have talented writing skills and deserve to be recognized for their work as well as their interest in the topic they are writing about.


At the end of every season, a small handful of students will be chosen from the authors of the articles submitted and will be highlighted on this page so that their work can be recognized by not only other high school students but anyone who visits our website or social media page.


To be considered for a student spotlight, first, have a look at the different categories that we have editors for and write an article under the corresponding category. However, if you believe you have another interesting topic that others would enjoy reading about, write an article on that topic. After you have written your article, go to the “SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE” tab on the menu above, and fill out the form. While filling out the form make sure to click the “yes” option to be considered for a student spotlight. After your article is submitted it will be reviewed by the corresponding editor (or anyone on the editing team if your article does not correspond with a category). We will write back to you via email if your article is published or you are considered for a student spotlight.


We hope to see your articles submitted to us soon as we would love to have as many articles on this website as possible and highlight as many inspiring students as we can.

Yeskendir Zharimbet

Screen Shot 2564-09-02 at 21.53.15.png

Yeskendir is a senior at Haileybury Almaty in Kazakhstan. His passion for law and history inspired him to write this article that aims to further examine a case that impacted the way we view the world today.

What inspired you to write this article?

We all understand that racism is a big issue in today's day and age, however not many people understand the hardships that people of color went through, throughout history. It is important to understand black history, my goal is to spread awareness about it and bring it to attention.


What do you want people to learn/ get out of this article?

If anything I hope people get out of this article, is a little bit of black history and the understanding of the struggle people of color had to undergo. 

What are your main passions and why?

My main passions have been surrounding politics, law, and history. I find it interesting to read papers and watch documentaries on modern happenings around the world.

In what ways have you/ do you impact your community around you?

I believe that I have impacted the community, by volunteering when available to help and entertain patients at local hospitals, and participating/organizing beneficial school events.

Swetha B


Swetha is a 2nd Year at VIT Law School. She is passionate about human rights and impacts the community around her through her various activities outlined in our spotlight. We are proud to showcase such a bright individual and highlight her incredible article on rights around the world

What inspired you to write this article?

We all believe we have excellent health care services throughout the world. But the prevailing pandemic situation has made us question the quality of health care provisions being provided to us in our country. With the ongoing situation, I feel it is necessary to have few insights about the health services provided by other countries as well and where do they stand. 


What do you want people to learn/ get out of this article?

What I wish people to take from this article is that the Right to Health is a very basic right according to WHO. So, people should be aware of the services that their country is capable of providing and use them to the fullest especially during pandemic situations.

What are your main passions and why?

Beyond academics, classical dancing has always been my thing. Apart from being a physical activity it also improves concentration, mental skills, tactile acuity, and motor responses. Practicing on a regular basis has also helped me in performing tasks, handling mental workload, and also enhanced my decision-making ability. 

In what ways have you/ do you impact your community around you?

I believe I have impacted the community around me by always being there for people who needed mental support and have volunteered in scenarios like cooking for covid people and various other options available for me.

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