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The Law Insider Student Spotlight tab is a way to showcase students whom the editors believe have talented writing skills and deserve to be recognized for their work as well as their interest in the topic they are writing about.


At the end of every season, a small handful of students will be chosen from the authors of the articles submitted and will be highlighted on this page so that their work can be recognized by not only other high school students but anyone who visits our website or social media page.


To be considered for a student spotlight, first, have a look at the different categories that we have editors for and write an article under the corresponding category. However, if you believe you have another interesting topic that others would enjoy reading about, write an article on that topic. After you have written your article, go to the “SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE” tab on the menu above, and fill out the form. While filling out the form make sure to click the “yes” option to be considered for a student spotlight. After your article is submitted it will be reviewed by the corresponding editor (or anyone on the editing team if your article does not correspond with a category). We will write back to you via email if your article is published or you are considered for a student spotlight.


We hope to see your articles submitted to us soon as we would love to have as many articles on this website as possible and highlight as many inspiring students as we can.

Jonathan Hartadi


Jonathan is a Senior at Victoria Junior College in Singapore. He has passions in politics, history and current affairs and is intending to major in political science in the future. His article is extremely well written and is something out team beleives should be highlighted for everyone to read

What inspired you to write this article?

what inspired me to write about that topic was because of how the issue is more and more frequently brought up today and because of how important I feel it is for younger people to be aware of issues regarding their free speech.


What do you want people to learn/ get out of this article?

What I hope people would get from the article is that free speech is something we all shouldn't take for granted.


What are your main passions and why?

My main passions have actually been politics, history, and current affairs for some time now as I have always surprisingly been interested in reading about such topics in books or watching the news and documentaries that touch on these things.

In what ways have you/ do you impact your community around you?

Some ways that I believe I have impacted my community is by volunteering in old folks homes, cleaning public places, and participating in various charitable programs available to me.

Victoria Mckenzie


Victoria is our Environmental Law Chief Editor who unfortunately is shifting her focus to other tasks which we completely understand and she will be missed greatly. Victoria has written an abundance of wonderful articles for Law Insider and we are so glad to have had her as part of our team. Victoria is in year 11 and is 17 years old studying at Tintern Grammar in Australia. 

What inspired you to write this article?

I was inspired to write this article as I had heard a lot about the difficulties in international cooperation for climate action. I think it’s really important to recognise that environmental protection is a worldwide issue, that affects each and every individual on Earth, and can only be achieved successfully through effective teamwork between the nations. Investigating the role of the United Nations and international treaties in worldwide legally enforceable climate action was really interesting to me as I believe the most effective and only way to tackle the climate crisis is through global cooperation, especially between those with the highest levels of power.

What do you want people to learn/ get out of this article?

I hope this article helps people understand that international cooperation is not only necessary, but entirely possible. It is easy to lose hope for a worldwide cooperative solution, but investigating the successes of previous efforts can help to highlight the possible potential. I hope individuals who read this article gain a better understanding of why global cooperation is necessary, although difficult, and appreciate the potential our leaders have to work together to achieve a greater common good, by sustainably protecting ecosystems worldwide.


What are your main passions and why?

My main passions largely surround the areas of the community and environment. The community around me has always been a big factor in my personality, and I have always seekers to stretch myself to give back to those that have so much to me. The environment and sustainability have always been very important to me. I am personally really passionate about the ways in which we as individuals can contribute to making the world around us a cleaner and more environmentally friendly area. I am really interested in this as I have grown up around nature and understand it’s vital roles in our lives - biologically, socially and culturally. I am really passionate about the environment as I want to make sure my surrounds are healthy and thriving for this, and many other generations to come.

In what ways have you/ do you impact your community around you?

One of the biggest ways I impact the community around me is through my role as a Girl Guide Junior Leader. After almost 5 years in Girl Guides, I was in awe of how much this opportunity and the experiences it provided me with had developed me as an individual. The leaders I had, in particular, were an enormous part of who I have become. These amazing ladies inspired me to rejoin my old Unit, now acting as a leader myself, for the younger Girl Guides.


I am also involved heavily within my school community, elected as both Debating Leader and Captain of The Green Team, a sustainability student club. The Green Team is a group I am very passionate about, and am very honoured to lead in 2021, as it is the largest student club in the school, and advocates for a more environmentally friendly school, local and global community.


Finally, this past year I was given the opportunity to read to a prep student on a weekly basis. This was an incredible experience that benefited me as much, if not more, as it did my buddy. In this, I developed my leadership and communication skills, and stretched myself to be the best role model I could be for this young girl. This opportunity sparked a passion for children’s books - after realising the potential a book had to educate an individual. With this passion, I decided to write and publish a professionally illustrated children’s picture book about the importance of nature and environmental sustainability, that is currently being distributed amongst the community.

Why are you interested in pursuing law in the future and what do you believe is its impact on the world around us? 

Although pursuing law is simply one of many options I am considering, I nevertheless completely understand and appreciate the importance of law in the world around us. Each society is built upon a set of rules and laws, and law therefore has the ability to impact each and every aspect of our lives.


I am passionate about environmental law specifically as I believe it is a way in which I can give a voice to something unable to fight for itself. The environment is such an important part of every individuals life, and should be fought for.  The environment is beautiful, and most importantly, it sustains us. For me, environmental law is the way in which one can fight for future generations to experience nature as we do, for if people cannot fight for it, and it is not protected, this will not be a possibility.

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