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Awards and Accomplishments

Not only does Law Insider aim to showcase the writing ability of our own writers and the talented community of students that we publish, but we also want to celebrate the creations of our writers and the impact that they have made on the community around them.

Listed below are some of the awards and accomplishments the writers of the Law Insider team have earned.

Watch Day 1 of the conferene here

International Youth Law Conference 2021

Jenna Jokhani and Sohee Yim (Co-Founders)

Andy Song, Ryan Ferrira, and Mogale Tsebane (Leadership Committee) 

Min Rebecca Yoo (Competition Department)

The International Youth Law Conference was a 2-day virtual event hosted by 12 high school students from across 5 different countries: Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, and The United Kingdom. The event had over 120+ participants and featuring 6 speakers. 

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization Speak Your Truth Video Contest

Jenna Jokhani - Finalist (Second Place)

Our Founder Jenna Jokhani was runner up for the RFK Speak Your Truth Video Contest with her film titled 'The Rebuilding of our Justice System'. The film covers the work of American Lawyer Bryan Stevenson and the EJI in regards to child life sentences and capital punishment. The film was premeired in the TriBeCa Film festival and featured in their education program.

Watch the video here

Lanna International Public Speaking Organization 

Public Speaking Organization.jpg

Min Rebecca Yoo - Founder

Statement from our Senior Writer Rebecca: In establishing this organization, our members and I mobilized youth to voice their opinions on pressing global current issues that align with equity and justice. Through providing platforms to speak up like Speech and Debate tournaments, youth were empowered to advocate for social change within their communities. We also organized a Model United Nations conference in February 2021 to promote a multifaceted understanding of international relations, politics, current events, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

Fighting For a Dead End

 Catherine Bormotko - Author 

A Dead End? Catherine had always lived a regular lifestyle until she changed homes in May of 2018. Now she's starting at a new school, (aka Hill Creek), making new friends and even a few rivals. She’s hoping to build a good reputation for herself. An opportunity to restart and live life, establishing a YOLO mindset. But, she has no idea that all will change when she meets James Andrews, a boy in her class. Will it change for the better or for the worse? Mirror mirror on the wall, will Catherine get the fresh start she’s always wanted, a happily ever after, or will some love triangles get in the way of her main goal?

Screen Shot 2564-08-09 at 23.26.43.png
Screen Shot 2564-08-09 at 23.36.10.png

Winner of Northern Thailand Debate Tournament 2017

Min Rebecca Yoo

My partner and I won the Northern Thailand Debate Tournament for students aged 14-18, after 4 rounds of preliminary rounds (including two impromptu rounds), semi-finals then finals. This tournament sparked my interest in public speaking and ultimately catalysed my passion in pursuing a career in law.

Two-time Secretary-General, Head Chair & Multi-award Winner of CMMUN

Min Rebecca Yoo

Statement from our Senior Writer Rebbeca: In 2021, I had the opportunity to serve as the Secretary-General of the Chiang Mai Model United Nations, a biannual conference of international schools throughout Thailand. In previous years, I also served as Head Chair of the Human Rights Council in 2020 and have consistently represented delegations of P5 countries since 2018―winning awards including Best Delegate in the WHO and Best Resolution in the General Assembly. I also won the awards of Best Delegate and Best Position Paper in the WTO at the Virtual International Model UN conference in 2021.

CMMUN Nov 2019.jpeg


Screen Shot 2565-01-09 at 15.55.08.png

Intro to Politics: A Student’s Guide is the key to helping you become an informed citizen. It helps you make sense of the American government and your place in it. It takes you through the American government, step-by step, and communicates information in straightforward language. It shows you how to make your voice heard and put all the knowledge you have gained into practice. Full of helpful visuals such as org charts and tables, this book contains everything you need to understand American government.
Whether you need to brush up on these topics, or you are encountering them for the first time, this nonpartisan guide looks at the American Government and provides a comprehensive guide on all its inner workings.

Intro to Politics: A Student's Guide

Arvind Salem - Author 

2022 Immerse Education Essay Competition

Katelyn Joshy

Statement from Katelyn:

As an avid student journalist with a keen interest in the Law, I decided to partake in the 2022 Immerse Education Essay Competition under the Law category. My research essay sought to posit domestic servitude is a form of modern slavery. Through it, I examined the root causes of domestic servitude, evaluated the effectiveness of current policies put forth by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to manage it, and finally proposed suggestions for policy improvement. I am honoured that my essay was selected by merit from thousands of scripts globally to receive a partial scholarship of 20% to attend any of the physical summer school programmes and online academic programmes offered by Oxford, Cambridge and LSE.

Currently, I am hoping to enrol in an online Law research programme that will allow me to write a research paper under the tutelage of Oxbridge professors.

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