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Death Penalty: The View and The Effect


"Why do people kill people who killed people to show killing people is wrong?", the death penalty is a typical instance and a controversial topic of this inquiry. Since 1989, when the United Nations adopted the abolition of the death penalty, an international law, many countries have stopped exercising the death penalty, yet some countries have not ratified it. What should we know about and consider in that world's circumstances?


It has been over a year since U.S. President Joe Biden assumed office. He has been the first president, who held up the abolition of the death penalty as a campaign pledge in the U.S. For that, he has received people’s attention on how he will achieve it. On the other hand, former U.S. President Donald Trump, who has been well-known for having excessive ideas, had allowed the execution of one woman as she strangled a pregnant woman to kidnap her unborn baby. This incident caused a lot of criticisms in various aspects due to varying opinion.

With such a global stream for the abolition of the death penalty, if America invokes it, Japan will be the only left developed country, as an OECD member, which has allowed the death penalty to a general crime. In fact, trials in Japan carried out the death penalty every recent 15 years except in 2011 and 2020. The poll of the cabinet in Japan, to our surprise, has shown that 9% of the citizens think that it should not be allowed, and the other 80% of the rest think it acceptable to execute.

On 31st October in 2021, on a crowded train running in Tokyo, a man suddenly stabbed another man and put fire on the train to kill passengers. As a result, although an injured man did not die, Halloween night had fallen into disorder. "I wanted to be executed. I regret not killing people because I wanted to die.", said the criminal, Kyota Hattori. From this incident, we can notice that the death penalty has a bad influence on society.

On the other hand, abolishing the death penalty is one of the conditions to be affiliated with the EU so that all twenty-eight countries in it have no law allowing it now. Many regard, Europe as the birthplace of human rights. European countries having the tides established an international institution called the Council of Europe in 1949, a year soon as World War Ⅱ had finished, to propel the control of human rights, democracy, and law. In 1982, it stipulated the complete abolition of the death penalty in every situation, including in a war. After that, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union has prescribed that everybody has the right not to be had paid by death. Not only in Europe but around the world working on abolition of the death penalty. 10th October had been enacted the World and Europe Day against the death penalty in 2007.


The death penalty has little difference from a charge of murder. The punishment shows people justice by robbing one's future, but- is that true justice? Is it just OK to kill people who kill people? What are human rights? I would like you to consider this question even for one minute. Let's join the discussion to make the world better.

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