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Your Apps Are Tracking You - And The Government Thinks It Is Okay In Canada

The Quebec Superior Court has dismissed the province's effort to prohibit its residents from accessing online gaming sites that are not licensed by the government's gambling business.

In a recent decision, Justice Pierre Nollet ruled that the Quebec Act is unconstitutional because it violates the federal government's jurisdiction over telecommunications and the Criminal Code.

The 2016 Quebec law was the first of its kind in Canada, requiring Internet service providers to prohibit people's access to Loto-Quebec-approved online gambling sites.

Finance Minister Carlos Leitao stated that the bill was required to safeguard Quebecers' health and safety since private gambling enterprises do not follow the same responsible gaming guidelines as the provincial government.

According to Nollet's judgment on July 18, the fundamental purpose of the Act was to limit access to private internet gambling, not to safeguard consumers or public health.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association welcomed the move to appeal the Act.


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