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That is a law? 5 worldwide laws that may shock you.

Throughout history, the law has established a set of rules that its’ countries’ residents need to obey. Here are five ridiculous laws that are still present to this day.

  1. Chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore.

Singapore prohibited all gum substances in 1992 after vandals used chewing gum to wreak havoc on the MRT system and the Housing and Development Board spent $150,000 a year cleaning gum liter.

Of the exception of nicotine and dental gums with medicinal value, anybody importing, selling, or manufacturing gum in Singapore faces fines and/or jail time.

2. It is illegal to wear high heels in Acropolis.

Make sure you have the proper shoes while preparing for a vacation to Greece. High heels were forbidden in the Acropolis in 2009, thus no stilettos at the Parthenon.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to wander about the ruins and dirt in heels - it must be difficult to walk and would harm the shoes — yet the Greeks imposed this rule to safeguard the ruins from damage caused by sharp shoes. Because the ruins are approximately 2,500 years old, please be polite and wear soft-soled shoes when visiting.

3. It is illegal to dance in the dark after midnight.

Japan was like the national equivalent of the film "Footloose." Dancing after midnight has been prohibited for millennia because it is considered too wicked. Well, it was simply too American. The prohibition was enacted in 1948, while US troops were occupying Japan, to prevent liberal Americans from corrupting the decent residents of Japan.

Finally, in 2105, the prohibition is lifted, and you can dance after midnight as long as it is not in the dark. Those looking to get their groove on after the clock strikes twelve should do it in well-lit nightclubs.

4. Married women can only have one glass of wine in Bolivia.

Drink up, if you're a single woman in La Paz, Bolivia! If you're married, though, you can only have one glass of wine.

This discriminatory ban was enacted because it was believed that drinking would make a woman more immoral. If she is drinking in public, her spouse may divorce her!

5. Billboards are not wanted in Hawaii.

In the state of Hawaii, billboard advertising is not permitted. Only directional, real estate, and landmark signage are permitted.

One exception: if it's on your own land, you can have a billboard.



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