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It's Not You, It's Us: The Existent Concern On Women Engaging Near Politics

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

There has always been a lack of support and recognition for women entering a field where they are engaged near politics. claims that “It took activists (women) and reformers nearly 100 years to win the right to vote, and the campaign was not easy.” Gender prejudice has existed from the beginning of time. Politics is one of several fields in which women are discouraged from participating to the present day. Recruitment of women in politics is another form of expressing prosperity and offering an opportunity for equality for both genders.

Women did not have the right to vote or work outside of the home in the early decades. Their primary purpose in life was to cook, clean, and take care of the family. Women began to gain greater rights as society advanced, allowing them to be somewhat equal to males. Female job prospects increased, but women were still far from being able to work in politics. Men have been deemed smarter and more emotionally stable than women.

Women’s rights slowly began to increase as the world carried forward. They were able to vote near 1918-1920, and that was a monumental step for the gender. Equalizing and validating women as people, establishing them as progressive members of society. It is essential for women to be involved politically because not one particular group should have the authority to make choices for the entire population. Men simply should not be the only influence in major decisions for a collective group, especially involving issues specifically correlating to women. Everyone has their own needs so there is no less for women, and no better for men. As a society, there should be no pause in the progress that women have made and it is crucial that alternations are created in order for it to be equitable between the two genders.

Jacinda Adern is an example of a successful woman who is creating a new version of history which represents the ideal reasoning why we as a community, need more women in this area. She is New Zealand's Prime Minister and she was one of the few people who were able to handle the Covid-19 case increase with care. There were no transmission cases in New Zealand for one hundred days. She is not only representing being a woman and in leadership, but exemplifying that success can be achieved no matter the gender.

Additionally, BBC wrote a report on Joe Biden’s recent victory in US politics has been a tremendous step forward in female political rights. He is the first to choose a female VP, Kamala Harris. This is the first white male that has denounced US tradition and selected someone based on their qualifications for the job and not their gender and race. The future actions and goals will be drawn by our previous history and the present account that we are constructing every day.

In the past, girls were advised multiple times that they should not be doctors, lawyers, or manufacturing workers since it is a "manly career." When it comes to politics, it is the same story but written in a different font. Girls and women are perceived as "less" because men have historically had the upper hand, whether in politics or elsewhere. Like many protests, such as Black Lives Matter, a message spread worldwide not to show that one race, person, or gender is superior, but to show that injustice has been shown by history and modifications are necessary.

As a community, it is up to us to build current history to see improvements and produce happy futuristic generations in a fair and equitable world. We need to take action for future girls who feel hopeless, urging them to do it for themselves, from being a girl with no name, no desire, and no goals to seeing strong independent women on TV representing their nation and having a say in it. We need role models to help mold the idols of tomorrow. We need leaders improving and creating our innovative future together, as a whole, working hard to be able to say “We didn’t do this for us, we did for the future.” We need more exemplars such as Kamala Harris and Jacinda Adern to demonstrate power, success, and equalize our current state. Therefore, we need men and women to work collaboratively for the future children as a strong unit, proclaiming to the world that true transformation can only be carried out once unified.



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